Monday, June 29, 2009

Initial Blender Experiments

For the last few weeks we have been working on getting meshes created in Maya and Blender. Just to see what they look like together, I threw some together this morning for a quick render:

In the next few days I will focus on getting the handrails on the escalator ironed out; the mesh here is a bit choppy and no amount of smoothing in Blender will get rid of the lines. After playing around with the model, I think that it is simply a matter of extruding a some new, continuous edges and connecting the vertices where necessary. The less connections I do by hand, so it seems, the better. And I gotta add some railings around the pit; wouldn't want anybody falling in. So that you can see the "business end" of the software, here is an image of the Blender interface:

Looks like the cockpit controls for a Airbus A380, nein? And, finally, here are some photographs of the real place, the Klett-Passage in Stuttgart, for comparison:

Coming soon: Importing more models, removing unwanted vertices to speed up rendering (does this mean good-bye to the vertex-rich tree?), applying textures to the meshes, a video walk-though of the 3D environment, and -- eventually -- tinkering around with the Blender game engine.

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