Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Textured Beams On the Way!

Seems to be either feast or famine when it comes to blog postings with me. Now that the semester is officially over (besides the final I still have to administer), I have a lot more time to do game development. Wish I would just be able to spend more time on doing background research on the use of 3D digital game-based learning environments, but I figure that if I don't get the game developed I won't have anything to test anyway.

After creating the model completely, I discovered that you can't apply a texture to one instance of an object (say, a vertical beam) and expect it to be applied to all instances of vertical beams in the game object. So much for a true object-oriented paradigm. So, what I have had to do is delete all instances of vertical beams (except for one), apply a texture to this object, and then make copies of it:

To ensure that there was some variety in the textures visible to the player, I would copy a beam, rotate it 90 degrees, make another copy, and repeat the process. This ensures that at least four different faces are visible; hopefully players won't look too closely or they will discover the pattern. But at least it is better than the same face for every beam. So, in the coming days I will be working on getting all the textures applied to the model and then importing it into Unity 3D.

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